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Best co sleeper that attaches to bed

The Baby Delight bedside sleeper – co sleeper that hooks to bed

For many years experts claim that it is very good and healthy for a baby to stay with his parents in the master bedroom during the night for about six months. Besides feeling safe a very important part of co sleeping has to do with improving the bond between baby and parents. The baby feels loved and safe when he is near you and hears your breathing and your voice. Also, when your baby sleeps in the same room as you do he doesn’t have to cry loudly: you will be there to meet his needs from the moment you hear his little noises. He than learns that there will always be someone available for him to love and protect him.

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Amongst other things, safe cosleeping is about being able to attach the crib to your own bed. Although many co sleeper provide this option not all co sleepers are great to use. To me the Baby Delight beside me sleeper just has it all. Here’s why!

Baby Delight beside me dreamer bassinet & bedside sleeper

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what we really like

  • comes with attached straps to easily adjust to your bed for safe sleep
  • for congestion and digestion relief this co sleeper crib gives you incline options which make it possible to put the bassinet in a gentle angle. Perfect for reflux babies!
  • you can use this co sleeper crib as a stand alone crib but in bedside sleeper mode you can open the side panel by unzipping it for easy access to your baby
  • the sides are made of breathable mesh which make it easy to see your baby even while in bassinet mode
  • this bassinet is leightweight which makes is possible to move for example from bedroom to living room
  • it’s extremely easy to set up
  • the bassinet is very big which gives room for growth and fits even tall babies

Aren’t there any cons? Well..


  • the pocket on the back of the bed is rather tiny. If you’re looking for more storage then this one won’t be your best co sleeper option
  • it won’t fit a very high adult bed like some boxsprings so be sure to check the height of your bed and the required height of the co sleeper

The cover of this baby delight snuggle nest crib is removable and machine washable, and the included sheet is waterproof. It has a nice storage pocket to keep a pacifier or other stuff that might come in handy during the night. You can easily adjust the height in six positions which makes this bed adjustable for just about any adult bed. If you’re looking for a co sleeper that is just very good and sturdy and that won’t break the bank than don’t look any further.

Want to read more about this cot? Click here to see more specifications, reviews and price of the Beside me dreamer bassinet & bedside sleeper.

For tall beds or boxspring

Many cosleepers come with clamps to attach the co sleeper to the master bed but in case of a boxspring clamps won’t work. In this case you have to be sure that the cosleeper can be attached to your boxspring by using fastening straps.

In case the Baby Delight sleeper isn’t high enough for your bed I think the Babybay cosleeper will be great for you.

Babybay bedside sleeper

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This awesome baby co sleeper attaches to bed, is assembled in less than 15 minutes and is very popular, also in Europe. The bassinet conversion guardrail turns it into a bassinet. To use it as a co sleeper all you need is to purchase your preferred mattress and sheets.

Details about this best co sleeper for tall beds 

  • the included straps will reach and will safely secure even under a king size bed co sleeper crib attached to bed
  • the distance between bars is 55mm, which is CPSC compliant
  • can also be used as a childrens bench because the Babybay can support up to 200 lbs.
  • this co sleeper adjusts to as low as 4in off the floor.
  • the sleeping platform is attached by brackets to the wooden poles of the stand and can be adjusted to any height.
  • contains no toxins or harmful chemicals and is made from solid natural beechwood
  • comes wih roller casters to allow the co sleeper to easily travel throughout the home
  • it is fully customizable in color, mattress selection, canopy, etc.
  • organic mattress and textile options available

This bedside sleeper does not rock or provide any movement but it is made to be very stable besides your bed, which makes it ideal for mothers nursing new babies! Definitely one of the best co sleeper cribs.


This cosleeper comes with a barrier which you have to install to comply with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. However in Europe it is not needed. Some parents do not install during assembly; however, this is not the intended configuration by the manufacturer in order to comply with CPSC.


The unit is fully height adjustable. The maximum sleeping platform recommended by the manufacturer for safe use is 11in from the top rail. At this height the platform sits at 25in high and with any of the mattresses available (an additional 2in) you are then looking at 27in to top of mattress. With the manufacturer recommended safety barrier on (an additional 6in), the height to the top of the safety barrier is 31in from the floor. If using the roller casters this increases all metrics by 2.5in. So the platform height then sits at 27.5in, 29.5in to top of mattress and the top of the safety barrier is then 33.5in. Many parents with tall beds want their bed to come to the top of the safety barrier at minimum. Many parents also prefer that the top of their bed meet the platform height or somewhere between the safety barrier. 

This co sleeper cot is everything you wish for in a baby co sleeper sleeper that hooks to bed

Especially when looking for a baby bed that connects to a parents bed. BONUS TIP: you can also buy it through to save money. Shipping costs are higher but it will still be cheaper over all. 

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