The best in bed co sleepers 2024 guide

Co sleeping with your little one has a lot of benefits. There are a lot of bassinets in which you can put your baby to sleep next to you, but if you want your baby to sleep in your own bed than you can even do that safe with these in bed co sleepers. We collected the best co sleeper in bed of 2023 for you.

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nr. 1 Best in bed co sleeper

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper

This co sleeper in bed is perfect for newborn babies as it is soft yet sturdy and very safe. Keep your baby close in this nice looking co sleeper.

The vented walls seperate the adult and baby bedding. The walls are also tall so your baby won’t flip over it

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nr. 2 Best co sleeper in bed

Mamibaby Baby Lounger Baby Nest

This good looking in bed co sleeper is very soft and keeps our baby safe and warm during the night. Made out of Oeko tex certified breathable material it is no wonder that this in bed bassinet is a best seller. With its leightweight design and easy to grab handles it can also be used as a travel crib. You can read more about the best travel cribs here.

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nr. 3 best in bed co sleeper

SwaddleMe by Your Side co sleeper

The SwaddleMe by Your Side bassinet is one of the most sturdy in bed co sleepers as it has a metal frame. This in bed sleeper’s walls are also made of mesh for great views. It folds easily and comes with fitted sheets.

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nr. 4 best in bed co sleeper

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Afterglow Infant Sleeper

This good looking in bed sleeper comes with a soft glow night light at the head which makes it easy to take a look at your baby in the middle of the night without turning on the lights.

with its lightweight fold and compact design it’s easy to bring this sleeper with you anywhere you go so your baby can sleep everywhere in his own little bed.

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nr. 5 best cosleeper bassinet that can be put close to you

Halo bassinet swivel sleeper

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This isn’t an in bed cosleeper, but I want to add this one to list because it is a versatile cosleeper which basket you can put very close to you, even in the adult bed if you like. It’s also great for small spaces so definitly take a look as this one might fit your expectations as well.

  • The 4-point base is super easy to tuck under your bed and the sleeper fits to beds from 24″ to 34″ tall
  • rotates 360 degrees and you can pull the basket over the bed, which is just perfect especially those days after giving birth and also if your’re a nursing mom.
  • mesh sides: sidewalls are made of mesh which makes is easy to see your baby without having to put the sidewall down (and giving toddler brother/sister the opportunity to accidentally put a finger in your baby’s nose)
  • the motion is incredibly silent en smooth so you can push the sleeper away a bit or bring your baby closer to you without disturbing your sleeping baby just a bit
  • ideal co sleeper for small spaces because base only needs a 32″ clearance from the wall
  • you can lower the sidewall which makes tending to your baby easy. Sidewall can be locked in the upright position too and therefore this co sleeper can also be used as a stand alone baby bed

Want to see more? Click here to see all specifications and prices of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.

Co sleepers that can be attached to the bed are ideal if you have room for them. But if your master bedroom isn’t that big or you want your baby even closer than in a bedside sleeper, an in bed co sleeper is what you are looking for! In bed sleeper are perfectly safe as babies have their own separate space, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In bed cosleepers ere a great solution for safe bed sharing! The walls protect your baby form rolling too close to you or between the bed linnen. The mesh sides make it easy to look at your baby by giving you a clear view and make sure your little one can breath well all the time. Most bedside sleepers come with a mattress.

Most in bed cosleeper bassinets can be used untill your little one is six months old.

These in bed infant sleepers that can be put in the adult bed also make a great portable bassinet as they are leightweight, small and fold really easily. They give your baby a safe sleep wherever you are and they even are machine washable

Not yet sure which co sleeper to go for? I made a list of the best bassinets of 2022 that can be used as stand alone crib, portable crib or that need to be attached to the parents bed. You can read it here.

Do you have a small room but you don’t want an in bed cosleeper? Take a look at this article I wrote about the best bassinets for small spaces.

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