My Lillebaby Complete Airflow review

I recently got to use my friend’s Lillebaby Complete Airflow for a while. After using it a few months now AND having used a lot of other baby carriers I know what I like and what I don’t like about this popular carrier and can easily compare it to the Baby Tula Explore Carrier, Baby Bjorn carrier and the Boba X carrier.

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The Lillebaby complete carrier is a very well known and popular baby carrier. With its multiple carrying positions you can carry your baby the way you like. It gives great lumbar support and therefore it is an ergonomic carrier. You can easily use the straps for safety and comfort. Curious about the pro’s and cons of the Lillebaby carrier? Read on!

At first glance

After unpacking the Lillebaby Complete carrier, the first thing I notice is that this carrier actually feels really light. Way less weight than for example than the Tula Explore carrier. For me it compares more to the Rookie Premium carrier which is particularly light weight. The mesh which there is a lot of in the Complete Airflow carrier also makes it very light weight. This is great while carrying but also makes it a great carrier to bring with you during the day, you can easily put it in a bag etc. That being said, the carrier does feel a bit bulky although not heavy. The bulky feeling is due to the straps, zippererd pocket, cushion and the fabric I guess. This is no big deal and probably just something that you are used to or not. But compared to other carrier I find this carrier more bulky.

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Putting the carrier on is really easy. I like the fact that the Lillebaby carrier can be used with straight straps AND with the straps crossed. It’s a very personal thing but for me crossed straps are not ideal. It makes it a bit harder to put the carrier on and off and whenever I sit down I tend to feels the straps all the time. But I have to say there are many people who prefer crosses back straps above straight ones so it’s up to you what you choose and prefer and it’s only great that with this carrier you can actually choose 🙂

While carrying

I could easily fit my son into the carrier. As the fabric is not sturdy it moves along very well which makes it easy to adjust the carrier and to put your baby or toddler in it. You can adjust the belt and straps easily. The snap buttons are made of metal, therefore they don’t feel cheap and -most important- makes them less likely to break. It is also easy to adjust the carrier so that my husband could wear our son. To me it’s very important that a carrier can be adjusted very well and very easy so that your kid is being optimally supported and not only you but also someone else can carry easily.

check out this beautiful print on the Lillebaby carrier

The neck support is great which is VERY important ofcourse. I also love the removable hood. It came in handy when my little one wanted to sleep in the carrier and I didn’t want him to be too much distracted or whenever the weather was unpredictable.

Great lumbar support

An additional option is to wear your Lillebaby carrier with the sent along extra lumbar support. This is GREAT for people with lower back issues. I love it that you can choose to put in on the carrier or not, as for example my husband didn’t like and didn’t need to carry with the extra lumbar support option.

Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier gives great lumbar support

Whenever you or your partner have lower back issues I would say this carrier is absolutely a very good choice for you.

What I don’t like about the Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier

As I wrote above in this review I’m not a fan of the bulky feeling. I have to say that I’m more a ‘love to use a wrap untill they are six months’ kind of mom and ofcourse a carrier IS a lot more bulky than wraps are. But still, compared to other carriers that have pretty much the same options and features, to me the Lillebaby feels bulkier than thet do.

The waistband feels a bit cardboard like. It’s sturdy and it fits really good, so again it’s no big deal. But again compared to most other carriers it does feel more cardboard like and less soft.

The final thing is that I find the zippered pocket not useful. It’s great that you can bring some stuff with you like your keys but whenever I put something into the pocket it’s not comfortable for my kid. As the fabric around the pocket is thin, it scratches his back a little.

All these things are not a big deal as you can see, so if you thinks these things will not be a big deal for you than I would say this is a great carrier.

Conclusion: to buy or not to buy?

If you have lower back issues and/or are living in a warmer climate, I would definitely recommend this carrier! It’s great in these cases and really can make your life a bit easier.

If extra lumbar support and mesh fabric are not that important to you than I would say there are other great carriers out there as well, but this one would still not be bad choice at all. I think it would come up to the look and feel (if you’re into more of a neutral and sportive look than the Lillebaby carrier is definitely your go-to carrier) and last but not least check the current price and compare it to other carriers. Hope this review made your choice a bit easier! Enjoy carrying 🙂

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