Ultimate guide to choosing the best co sleeper bassinet

The 5 best co sleepers of 2019

beste cosleeper 2019

Choosing the best baby co sleeper

After 9 months in your belly your baby is finally ready to meet you! But after being cooked in your belly for such a long time your baby can feel overwhelmed by all this new space, sounds and light. Your baby will feel so much more secure if he is able to be as close to you as possible. And for you as a mom there are no other things that feel so good as rubbing those tiny hands, sniffing this special newborn smell and looking at your baby right next to you knowing that he is all right during the whole night.

Safe co sleeping

It feels as cosy as bed sharing but is just so much more safe for your little one. If you are looking for the best baby co sleeper bed which helps developing this special bond between you and your baby than you’re at the right spot. Here you’ll find everything you need to know before choosing the right co sleeper bassinet that fits you and your baby perfectly. I also give you a lot of information about safe co sleeping, what is the best co sleeper that attaches to bed, what things do you need to know before choosing the best co sleeper for you and your baby and what are the most important differences between every baby bedside sleeper.

I also mention everything I like and what I don’t like about the co sleepers. So if you are not sure which one to choose or what to look for in a baby co sleeper than read this guide carefully. Also I will be more than happy to help you so if you still have any questions after reading my ultimate guide to choosing the best co sleeper please don’t hestitate to send me a message! 

Number 1 best co sleeper 2019

Halo bassinest swivel sleeper

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What we really like

  • rotates 360 degrees and you can pull the basket over the bed, which is just perfect especially those days after giving birth and also if your’re a nursing mom.
  • extremely heavy and sturdy so there’s no chance a toddler brother or sister can knock over this baby bed
  • mesh sides: sidewalls are made of mesh which makes is easy to see your baby without having to put the sidewall down (and giving toddler brother/sister the opportunity to accidentally put a finger in your baby’s nose)
  • the motion is incredibly silent en smooth so you can push the sleeper away a bit or bring your baby closer to you without disturbing your sleeping baby just a bit
  • due to its height and motion possibilities this co sleeper would work with just about any bed without trouble. Also the 4-point base is super easy to tuck under your bed and the sleeper fits to beds from 24″ to 34″ tall
  • ideal co sleeper for small spaces because base only needs a 32″ clearance from the wall
  • you can lower the sidewall which makes tending to your baby easy. Sidewall can be locked in the upright position too and therefore this co sleeper can also be used as a stand alone baby bed
  • comes with al little bag on one side in which you can put a pacifier and bottle for example.
  • contains a waterproof mattress pad
  • mattress pad contains no toxic flame retardants and is JPMA certified

What we don’t like

Ok, let’s be honest here: the price is a tad high. But this co sleeper will give you more sleep and less stress. Isn’t that what we all just need as  (new) parents?!

With this very easy to assemble co sleeper there’s really no need to get out of your bed at night if you need to comfort your baby. The possibility of swiveling this bedside sleeper 360 degrees is perfect for every mom but especially for nursing moms who’s baby has fallen asleep while nursing. No need to hussle and trying to get your baby on your other arm whilst trying to not wake him up. Also perfect for moms with a C-section because you can easily put your baby close to you without effort or having to go out of the bed. The polyester sheets can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

Want to see more? Click here to see all specifications and prices of the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper.

The best co sleeper that fits almost every bed

 Arm’s reach versatile co sleeper

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What we really like

  • this sleeping nest is very stable and sturdy
  • highly adjustable: you can raise this co sleeper bassinet with one inch increments. The feet are adjustable too and can fit right under your bed and they are also retractable which makes it easy for this co sleeper to fit a bed that sits on the floor too
  • comes with a mattress, fitted sheets, a mobile and a music box which amongst five tunes plays some nature sounds. One of those even sounds like a mother’s womb. How comforting for your little baby is that?!
  • it has two wheels on the bottom which makes it possible to move the sleeping nest easily
  • bassinet is quiet big which gives your little one room to grow

to think about

  • this bassinet doesn’t have special features like a vibrate feature or a rocking feature
  • the placement of the mobile is not ideal. You can easily take it off, but that’s probably not what you want if you buy this co sleeper also because of the mobile
  • although the co sleeper comes with wheels on the bottom, there are only two wheels which can make it hard to move the co sleeper on carpet
  • the side isn’t flexible like the Halo bassinet

This highly adjustable and very sturdy baby co sleeper has a big bassinet which makes it possible to use it longer than most other bassinets. The height can be adjusted from 20″ to 30″ and the adjustable and retractable feet under the co sleeper make this co sleeper crib easy to use in every room and easy to attach to almost every bed.

Want to read more about this baby crib? Click here to see prices and specifications of the Armsreach cosleeper.

best co sleeper that attaches to bed

Beside me dreamer bassinet & bedside sleeper

perfect for reflux babies

can be easily adjusted to the adult bed by attached straps

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what we really like

  • comes with attached straps to adjust to your bed for safe sleep
  • for congestion and digestion relief this co sleeper crib gives you incline options which make it possible to put the bassinet in a gentle angle. Perfect for relux babies!
  • you can use this co sleeper crib as a stand alone crib but in bedside sleeper mode you can open the side panel by unzipping it for easy acces to your baby
  • the sides are made of breathable mesh which make it easy to see your baby even while in bassinet mode
  • this bassinet is leightweight which makes is possible to move for example from bedroom to living room
  • it’s extremely easy to set up
  • the bassinet is very big which gives room for growth and fits even tall babies

to think about

  • the pocket on the back of the bed is rather tiny. If you’re looking for more storage then this one won’t be your best co sleeper option
  • won’t fit a very high adult bed like some boxsprings so be sure to check the height of your bed and the required height of the co sleeper

The cover of this baby crib is removable and washable, and the included sheet is waterproof. It has a nice storage pocket to keep a pacifier or other stuff that might come in handy during the night. You can easily adjust the height in six positions which makes this bed adjustable for just about any adult bed. If you’re looking for a co sleeper that is just very good and sturdy and that won’t break the bank than don’t look any further.

Want to read more about this cot? Click here to see more specifications, reviews and price of the Beside me dreamer co sleeper.

Everything you need to know about co sleeping

Co sleeper, crib, cot, bassinet or stand alone crib?

These terms are often used interchangeably but they do have different meanings. Which kind of crib or sleeper you choose depends on your situation and wishes. A co sleeper can be the right choice for you if you have a bed to which you can attach a co sleeper and if you have room for it. 

Do you always wake up from every little noise you hear and are you a very light sleeper? Then you might reconsider buying a co sleeper. But there a also co sleepers that can be used as a stand alone crib. In that case you can put the crib a little bit more further from your bed -but still keep your baby near to you in your bedroom, for example at the end of the bed. 

Advantages of a co sleeper

For a number of years experts claim that it is very good and healthy for a baby to stay with his parents in the master bedroom during the night for about six months. Besides feeling safe a very important part of co sleeping has to do with improving the bond between baby and parents. The baby feels loved and safe when he is near you and hears your breathing and your voice. Also, when your baby sleeps in the same room as you do he doesn’t have to cry loudly: you will be there to meet his needs from the moment you hear his little noises. He then learns that there will always be someone available for him to love and protect him. best co sleeper bassinet

That being said: make sure you sleep well and if having the baby right next to your bed makes you nervous or wakes you up too many times than make your own decision. Every mother does her very best to care for her child. Having a co sleeper might be one of those things you do for your baby and for yourself, but off course your baby will also know you love him and will always be there for him if you won’t let him sleep in your bedroom for six months 😉

Safe co sleeping

With a co sleeper co sleeping is very safe. You have the advantages of keeping your baby close to you -which is good for the connection/bonding between parents and baby and also gives you more rest because you know and see how your baby is doing. At the same time using a co sleeping does prevent you from having to worry about your baby sliding underneath your blanket or quilt or other things that could happen when your little baby is in your bed. Using a co sleeper for your baby really does give you the best of both worlds. 

What to look for in a co sleeper

With co sleepers getting more and more popular there are many different options for you to choose from when buying a co sleeper. To start with here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking for the best co sleeper fit for you and your little one.

  • Make sure the co sleeper bassinet fits beside your bed and isn’t too big. Sounds obvious but with so many co sleepers out there with different sizes you’d better be sure it fits.
  • Also be aware that not all bedtypes are a good match with co sleepers. Some co sleepers have to be attached to the bed and can’t be used as a stand alone crib. Please make sure the assembly of the co sleeper fits your bedtype. 

To make sure you buy the right co sleeper bassinet we’ve put together some things to take into noticeif you’re looking for a co-sleeper

To what extend can the co sleeper reach?

How does the cosleeper needs to be assembled to the co sleeper to the master bed