Tula vs Lillebaby: which carrier is the absolute best?

Tula Explore vs Lillebaby complete airflow

What are the differences and which carrier might be best for you?

There are so many baby carriers available that it’s hard to choose and to find out which one fits you best. That is why in this review or comparison I compare one of the two most popular and best carriers of this moment. This makes it easier for you to choose. Curious about what I find about the Tula Explore and the Lillebaby Complete carrier? Read on!

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What’s the same?

Both carriers are completely hip healthy according to the Hip Dysplasia Institute. They carry your kid from birth (without needing an infant insert) up to 2 years. Babies can sit in three different carrying positions being fetal position and, when a little older, facing outward or on your back. Both carriers come with a foldable cushion for extra neck support and with a removable hood. The forward facing option is only recommended for babies 6 months old or older and only for a short period of time.

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At first glance

tula baby carrier explore reviews structured carriers
Tula Explore carrier

Both carriers come in about the same sized boxes. When touching the fabric of the carriers the difference in how it feels occurs. While the fabric of the Tula feels thick the fabric of the Lillebaby is less thick. The same goes for the waistband. The baby Tula’s waistband feels soft, thick and sturdy whereas the Lillebaby is more thin and a little like cardboard.

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Tula Explore baby carrier


  • The weight distribution is great. The weight is distributed mostly on the hips
  • unlike many other carriers the Tula is not bulky. There are no bulky parts to adjust, baby feels smooth against my body which feels a bit like carrying in the wrap.
  • it comes with a storage pocket on the waistband which makes it easy to bring your phone, cards and/or keys
  • the width can be easily adapted and the Tula baby offers many width options so you can create a narrow or a wide seat and erverything inbetween
  • the fabric feels soft yet very sturdy
  • they have a lot of cute prints and beautiful colours to choose from. Check out this beautiful indigo/blue one for example. They also come with mesh options, which is great in summer or if you like to go on hikes.


  • it has no proper lumbar support. The waist belt is cushioned but not entirely on the back
  • it has no side carry option

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Lillebaby complete carrier


lillebaby review lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier lille baby
Lillebaby complete airflow


  • waistband feels a bit cardboard like
  • shoulderband cushions are not that soft
  • the carrier feels a bit bulky
  • there is a pocket on the upper side of the back. With the fabric being not very thick I can imagine that your baby will feel the phone or keys punching in its back while being carried


Although I miss proper lumbar support with the Tula, it doesn’t give me  back pain as the Artipoppe carrier does. Still, the lack of lumbar support is the biggest con and for eveyone with serious back issues I would not recommend this one. But for me overall the Tula is my favourite. I love how it doesn’t feel bulky and how my baby sits in it. It really feels like carrying in a wrap, since my baby feels flush against my body.

The other thing is that it is so easy to put on and off and to adjust. My husband and I are both using the carrier and it’s super easy and quick to adjust the waist band and straps. Last but ofcourse not least: my baby loves being in the Tula carrier!

The Lillebaby might be better for you if you have serious back issues, or if you are living in a warmer climate. The fabric of Tula is thick and sturdy, which I love but might not be ideal in hot temperatures where as the Lillebaby is made out of mesh.

For me the Tula Explore carrier wins it! Which one do you like most?

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