My Rookie carrier review – is it the best carrier 2024

As a mom who has been carrying her kids for some time now, I had seen the new Rookie carrier from German origin becoming kind of insta-famous. The luxurious look, neutral or beautiful bright colours, linen blend and the possibility to wear your baby from newborn to toddler made me curious. Not to say it is the less bulkiest carrier I’ve come across. I just loved the look of it and so I decided to give it a go.

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When I received the Rookie Premium carrier and opened the box, the similarity with another great carrier got me. The black box in which the Rookie carrier comes feels a bit like the box the Artipoppe carrier comes in. It looks luxurous, with its golden letters and black ribbon. Inside the box was this neutral linen carrier packed in a linen dustbag.

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Literally the first thing I thought when I hold the carrier in my hands is how LIGHT it feels. To be honest my first reaction was to feel a little disappointed about that, which is strange maybe as you don’t want a heavy carrier on you, haha. But compaired to other carriers I used a lot (Tula Explore, Artipoppe carrier and Lillebaby Complete carrier) the Rookie carrier almost feels weightless which made me a bit nervous about whether it would hold the weight of my son.

I decided to give it a go but not before I looked up more about the materials the carrier is made of and why it’s so light weight. I read it’s not just the linen, but also because of the shoulder straps that are made of the same material as yoga mats are made of. This makes sense as all the other carriers have bulky shoulder straps making these carriers feel more heavy and bulky than this one does.

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Rookie Premium carrier: specifactions

You can use the Rookie carrier from newborn up to 2 or 2,5 years old, depending on the weight and length of your child. The shoulder straps cross behind your back. You fasten them with straps. The belt around your belly can be fastened and adjusted with Velcro.

Putting it on

Putting the carrier on is very easy and the one thing that I immediatly noticed and love is the fact that this carrier is so easy to adjust to your little one. One of the most important things about carrying your kid in a hip healthy manner is to make sure their legs are in a M-position, meaning their knees have to be above their hips while sitting in the carrier. In most carriers you can adjust the width of the leg panel by using press studs. This works great, accept for the fact that you can only adjust the width when your kids is not in the carrier and you can only adjust in a few different widths as the press studs are in certain spots a few centimeter apart of eachother. But with the Rookie carrier you can slide the fabric of the panel, making it easy to not only adjust it perfectly up to the knees of your little one but also adjust it while your baby is in the carrier. This way you can really adjust the carrier to the best position for your kid.

Before writing this review I wanted to know whether the Rookie carrier is a good baby carrier for young babies as well as my son is already a little older. I got to wear my friend’s 6,5 month old daughter (which was great in many ways) as I took care of her. This carrier is adjustable in such easy ways that it didn’t take me long to make it suitable for her. What really surprised me was the fact that I didn’t feel a lot of difference back or shoulder wise wearing her or my older boy who is heavier ofcourse. So yes, the weight is distributed very well in this carrier!

What I also like about the Rookie baby carrier is the extra panel which you can button up or down to support the neck of your child or to protect them from sun and wind etc. It’s a great way to make your little one fall asleep faster in the carrier when necessary.

Also this is the first carrier I have been using where I don’t mind the crossed straps on the back. With other carriers I always feel those straps while sitting (in public transport etc). With this carrier the straps are thin and it really doesn’t matter that the straps are crossed.

Other things I really like about the Rookie carrier

There are some things that I really like more about this carrier than other carriers out there. Besides the fact that the carrier makes it really easy to adjust it from newborn baby up to toddler, I also love how it distributes the weight. And I also LOVE the fact that it’s washable! Every parent knows this is a big plus, you can just put it in your washing machine. Also, Rookie now has sucking pads available, which are also washable. They protect the shoulder straps while looking good because they come in all these lovely colors. I think every baby carrier should come with washable sucking pads, period 😉 It’s also an easy carrier to bring with you in your bag or something as you can fold it (into the dustbag or not) into a comprehensive little package.

Oh and not carrier related but I also loved the 45 day return policy, it makes it easier to decide to give it a go 😉

Check price, availability and colors

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One of the best carriers for moms who have had a caesarean section

While wearing your newborn the waistband of the Rookie carrier sits higher than those of other carriers. This is a big adventage if you’ve had a caesarean section. A lot of other carriers have a lower waistbelt. A high waist belt while wearing your newborn helps to prevent the scar tissue from being irritated. Also with the higher belt the weight distribution is perfect and you can really keep your newborn close 🙂

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Rookie baby carrier: great for winter too?

Compared to some other carriers the fabric feels less thick, would this make it too cold for winter? The answer is no. Though the fabric is less thick, it’s still warm enough. With every other baby carrier you would want to wear your coat over it during winter. It makes it even easier to wear your coat over it as it is not as bulky as many other carriers. But, if you’re in a very cold climate they also have a great option for you: the winter cover. This is great for colder climates and makes this carrier even more fashionable. It also has a wind and water repellent surface.

Rookie carrier: the cons

Are there any cons about wearing your baby with the Rookie carrier? To be honest, the only downside for me is the price. It’s not one the most affordable carriers out there. But if you can afford it, to me it’s really a great investment. I got a discount code to share with you which gives you 10% off your entire order (minimum purchase 170,-). Use code RookieXrelaxedbaby to receive your discount.


You can wear your little one for about 2 years, it’s very safe and healthy, easy to adjust and the fabric is of such good quality that you can give it away to a friend whenever you are done wearing. I would go for it, but if you’re not sure yet, read my other reviews: Lillebaby Complete Airflow review, Artipoppe carrier review or compare the Lillebaby carrier to the Tula Explore carrier.

Check out the price, sale items and colors of the Rookie Baby carrier at their official site. And don’t forget to grab a 10% discount by using our code RookieXrelaxedbaby 🙂

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