Tula Explore vs Ergobaby Omni 360: the differences and which one to choose

Tula Explore


There’s no bulky parts to adjust, baby feels flush against my body which feels a bit like when he was in the wrap.

The weight distribution is great. The weight is distributed mostly on the hips

The fabric softer then the Lillebaby

Material is light and airy

The shoulder straps and overall fit is good.


The hood is not attached and can’t be tucked into a pocket. So pretty easy to loose is

Doesn’t have very proper lumbar support


Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier


Versatility for sure. You can wear baby in 4 different positions (front facing out, front facing in, hip, and back)


Feels a bit of a hassle taking it on and putting baby in and out

Where other carriers have buttons to change the width this one has Velcro, which I think doesn’t lasts as long as the buttons will. Every time you’ll wash the carrier the Velcro will maybe become less sticky.

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